Subhania Bibi lives in village Zoornandi. She is a graduate who teaches in a nearby school, and an executive member of a Local Support Organisation (LSO) established by Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund through its local partner, Khwendo Kor (KK). The community institution has been established under the social mobilisation component of the Italian funded Programme for Poverty Reduction (PPR) in union council Barawal Bandai of district Upper Dir in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Prior to the interventions under PPR, the mobility of women in the area was limited. They were expected to refrain from activities that could provide them exposure to opportunities for better access to basic needs. The situation existed primarily due to absence of women-based community institutions in the area.

EURO 40 million
2013- 2021
(until October 2019), AF, YO, SEHER
Zhob, Killa Saifullah, Killa Abdullah, Pishin, Gwadar, Lasbela, Awaran, Panjgur, Kech

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Lower Dir, Upper Dir, Chitral, Swat,Bajaur

In September 2015, the female social organiser from KK met with women communities in Barawal Bandai with the aim of improving the living conditions of vulnerable women. Impressed with the objectives of PPR, Subhania volunteered to form a women community organisation in her village with the participation of her friends and relatives. Initially, the f Subhania’s family was not supportive, but seeing her passion to serve the underprivileged women, the family gave her the permission. The idea of women-only community institution compelled other women to join Subhania. Soon, the number of women increased from 6 to 95 due to her effective social mobilisation.

Later, Subhania got elected as an executive member of the local support organisation (LSO). As an effective member of LSO, Subhania has participated actively through KK in the implementation phase of PPR. Her community organisation has strived hard to pursue parents in her village to get their school going children enrolled in schools. Subhania Bibi believes that the meaningful transformation in a society can only occur if both men and women respect each other, and work towards improving their lives. She feels encouraged when issues highlighted by women communities are solved on priority basis. Through LSO’s platform, along with other women communities of her village she has successfully established productive linkages with other development organisations, local councilors and members of provincial assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A sanitation scheme costing 800,000 PKR has been approved under Community Driven Local Development (CDLD) project. Also, a link road worth 360,000 PKR has also been constructed through active involvement of women LSO headed by Subhania.