Our Work

With presence in 147 districts of the country through its partnerships with 130 organisations, PPAF initiated strategic development from grassroots levels prioritsing* the communities in the direst conditions first, so the society moves towards a secure future, together.

The institution’s strategic approach through time has focused on building and supporting value-based institutions of, for and by the people that is essential for giving voice to and empowering them.

Re-imagining The Future: Strategy 2021 – 2025

PPAF Values


Recognising demographic diversity - women, children, elderly, persons with disabilities, indigenous groups and religious minorities - and connecting different views, experiences, issues and vulnerabilities as a methodology to reducing poverty.



Increasing community input by having a broad process of consultation so that decisions on contents of intervention, policies and programmes are not dominated by one group's perspective.



Having in place legal and reporting framework, organisational structure, processes and procedures to make sure regularity and the efficiency of the use resources and personnel help responsible for their actions.



Substantiating achievements by evidence, clear reporting on activities, and financial proof that would reflect on implementation of strategies and adherence to mandates and outcomes; advancing the practice of downward accountability to beneficiaries; and upholding the democratic traditions by having community institution leadership elected and follow a structure and processes for governance.



Responsible management of that which has been entrusted to us in the ecosystems and communities we serve. As caretakers of the environment and its resources we believe in having a constructive effect on the ambit of our influence. We commit to fulfill our shared responsibility to our planet, our children, and our future.






Ms. Roshan Khursheed Bharucha


Syed Ahmad Raza Asif


Dr. Naved Hamid


Mr. Kamal Hyat


Ms Samar Ihsan


Mr. Ahlullah Khan


Mrs. Khawar Mumtaz


Dr. Ijaz Nabi


Mr. Muhammad Ali Shahzada

General Body

Mr. Ahlullah Khan
Former Civil Servant

Mr. Muhammad Ali Shahzada
Secretary, Poverty Alleviation & Social Safety Division

Mr. Ahmad Jan Malik
Joint Secretary Admn, Poverty Alleviation & Social Safety Division

Lt.General Nadeem Ahmad

Mr. Aijaz Ahmed Qureshi
Professor, Karachi University

Mr. Navaid Qureshi
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Jamshed Akhtar Qureshi Education Trust

Mr. Anis ur Rehman
Chief Executive Officer, Himalayan Wildlife Foundation

Mr. Naved Hamid
Director, Centre for Research in Economics & Business, Lahore School of Economics

Mr. Asif Faiz
Chief Executive Officer, Faiz and Associate Planning Consultant

Mr. Nazar Memon
Director, Rural Support Programmes Network

Ms. Ayla Majid
Managing Director, Financial Advisory Services at Khalid Majid Rehman, Chartered Accountants

Mr. Rashid Bajwa
Chief Executive Officer, National Rural Support Programme

Mr. Eazaz A. Dar
Government Service

Dr. Rashida Panezai
Chairperson, MEHAC Helping Council Balochistan

Ms. Fareeda Shaheed
CEO, Shirkat Gah women's resource centre

Ms. Roshan Khurshed Bharucha
Director Hunar Foundation

Dr. Ijaz Nabi
Director, International Growth Center, Pakistan Program

Ms.Sadiqa Salahuddin
Executive Director, Indus Resource Center

Mr. Kamal Hyat
Development Specialist

Ms. Samar Ihsan
Senior Joint Secretary, Economic Affairs Division

Mr. M. Suleman Shaikh
Secretary Board of Trustees, SZABIST

Dr. Shabnam Sarfaraz
Member (SSD) Planning Commission, Ministry of Planning Development and Research

Ms. Maryam Bibi
Chief Executive Officer, Khawindo Kor

Mr. Sher Jahan Mir
Chairman, Gilgit-Baltistan Rural Support Programme

Ms. Khawar Mumtaz
Ex-Chairperson, National Commission on Status of Women

Mr. Shoaib Sultan Khan
Chairman, Rural Support Programmes Network

Mr. Mueen Afzal
Former Secretary General, Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan

Syed Ahmad Raza Asif
Deputy Secretary, External Finance Policy, Ministry of Finance

Mr. Muhammad Ali Kemal
Chief SDGs Section, Ministry of Planning Development & Special Initiatives

Ms. Zubeida Khatoon
Chairperson, Khwendo Kor