UNHCR and PPAF Collaborate to Empower Afghan Refugee Families with Sustainable Livelihoods

Nowshera (17 November 2023)

Nowshera, November 17, 2024: The Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) has embarked upon the distribution of productive livelihood assets to Afghan refugee families under the UNHCR funded Poverty Graduation Programme (PGP) for Afghan Refugees. Currently in its fourth phase, the programme is committed to empowering over 3,000 Afghan Refugee families residing in six refugee camps in Districts Nowshera, Quetta, Pishin and Islamabad. This would enhance their self-reliance and livelihoods by equipping them with transferable skills applicable in both Pakistan and Afghanistan upon their return. In the initial distribution phase, a total of 1,200 livelihood assets are being distributed across the Turkmen, Khesgi, and Akora Khattak camps in District Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A ceremony was held in Akora Khattak camp where Chief Programmes, PPAF, Arshad Rashid, Livelihood Focal Point Officer, UNHCR Peshawar, Ashfaq Hussain distributed livelihood assets among the eligible Afghan Refugee families. Abdul Rehman, Chief HR, Admin and Procurement, PPAF and Executive Director, Initiative for Development & Empowerment Axis (IDEA), PPAF's implementing partner, Muhammad Amad were also present on this occasion. Expressing gratitude to UNHCR for their enduring trust, Arshad Rashid highlighted the positive sustainable change brought about by the PPAF and UNHCR partnership, impacting over 7,000 Afghan Refugee families since 2017. Beneficiaries, equipped with productive assets and comprehensive training, have progressed significantly in enterprise development, asset management, and financial literacy, leading to enhanced self-sufficiency. Muhammad Amad expressed thanks to UNHCR and PPAF for their support, acknowledging the programme's role in addressing vulnerabilities, improving livelihoods, and enhancing psychological well-being among Afghan refugee families. Notably, each household receiving livelihood assets underwent mandatory 3-day enterprise development training to ensure efficient and sustainable asset utilization. The programme also emphasizes gender equality, particularly focusing on enhancing skills among female Afghan refugees. The UNHCR is committed to fostering sustainable solutions for displaced populations, ensuring their protection, and promoting their self-reliance. The ongoing partnership with PPAF stands as a testament to this dedication and is enabling Afghan refugee families to lead dignified lives marked by self-sufficiency.