PPAF Extends Helping Hand to the Flood Impacted Communities in Gwadar

Gawadar (17 April 2024)

Gwadar, April 17, 2024: In response to the destructive floods that have wreaked havoc in Gwadar district, the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) has swiftly launched an emergency relief operation to extend vital assistance to affected communities. Heavy rainfall in February 2024 led to widespread devastation, with homes submerged, infrastructure damaged, and lives disrupted. Responding to the urgent need for aid, PPAF mobilised its resources to offer immediate relief to those affected by the calamity. Collaborating with Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO), PPAF devised a comprehensive strategy under its Emergency Relief Assistance initiative to the flood-affected communities in Gwadar Central to this effort was the procurement and distribution of essential relief items, meticulously curated to meet the immediate needs of the target households. The relief packages, funded by PPAF and implemented by SPO, comprised both food and non-food items tailored to provide sustenance, hygiene, and comfort to those in distress. Among the items distributed were rice, lentils, ghee, flour, salt, sugar, tea, milk powder, household items and hygiene kits. These relief items were distributed to the 400 families of eight wards of union council Surbandar, district Gwadar. While talking to the media representatives, CEO PPAF, Nadir Gul Barech highlighted the importance of swift and coordinated action in times of crisis, stating, "Solidarity and support are crucial during such challenges." He further emphasised, "PPAF remains committed to standing with the people of Gwadar, providing hope and assistance when it is needed the most." Through its swift and decisive action, PPAF has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to standing in solidarity with the people of Gwadar, providing crucial aid in their hour of need.