Methodist Church Opens Door to Promote Social Cohesion

Quetta (01 April 2024)

Quetta, April 1, 2024: The Methodist Church hosted a historic gathering as luminaries from diverse faiths converged for a Dialogue cum Iftar dinner, jointly organized by the Balochistan Rural Support Program (BRSP) and the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF). Esteemed religious scholars and leaders from varied faith communities united in a shared mission to promote interfaith harmony and social cohesion in the region. The event, graced by Speaker Provincial Assembly Cap (R) Abdul Khaliq Achakzai as the chief guest, he underscored the importance of collaborative efforts towards peace and understanding. He lauded the role of BRSP, PPAF, and the Methodist Church in orchestrating the Dialogue cum Iftar Dinner, emphasizing the paramount significance of such initiatives in promoting unity and harmony among diverse communities. He further expressed his optimism for the future, recognizing events like these as beacons of hope that inspire individuals to strive towards a brighter and more harmonious society for all residents of Balochistan. Achakzai urged attendees to carry forward the spirit of unity and understanding nurtured during the event, emphasizing that together, they can build a more prosperous and inclusive society in Balochistan. While welcoming to the audience Dr. Tahir Rasheed, CEO of Balochistan Rural Support Program (BRSP), highlighted the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders, including government agencies, donor organizations like PPAF, religious leaders, civil societies, and the media, in promoting understanding and unity. Dr. Rasheed expressed gratitude for the participation of esteemed guests and underscored the event's purpose in bridging cultural and religious divides while promoting peace and compassion. Secretary of Minority Affairs Government of Balochistan (GOB), Mr. Dawood Bazai, highlighted government's efforts to promote interfaith harmony, social cohesion and safeguarding the rights of religious minorities. Mr. Bazai emphasized the pivotal role played by collaborative efforts like this in fostering unity and harmony, further underscoring the government's dedication to collective action in building a more inclusive and peaceful society. Nadir Gul, the CEO of the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF), highlighted the significant role of religious scholars in promoting education, countering extremist ideologies, and advocating for social justice and equality. Gul reiterated the vision of Quaid-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for a Pakistan that respects religious freedom and unity among all faiths. Nadir highlighted the pivotal role of Paigham-e-Pakistan in fostering interfaith harmony and social cohesion. By promoting a unified national narrative that embraces diversity, it bridged communal gaps and nurtured a sense of unity among Pakistanis. Gul also highlighted the cultural and heritage importance of fostering interfaith harmony and social cohesion. Zahoor Balidi, member of Provincial Assembly of Balochistan, addressed the event as special guest speaker and provided valuable perspectives at the Dialogue cum Iftar Dinner. He emphasized the crucial role of dialogue and cooperation among various faith communities. Balidi stressed the significance of mutual respect and understanding in nurturing a society that cherishes its diversity. He highlighted the positive impact of such gatherings in promoting interfaith harmony and fostering an environment of tolerance and inclusivity. Bishop Khalid Rehmat highlighted the importance of celebrating diversity and social pluralism. He emphasized the need for unity in embracing Pakistan's rich cultural tapestry, stating, "It is imperative that we appreciate and celebrate the diverse cultures and traditions that contribute to the fabric of our nation." Kahlid emphasized the collaborative efforts of government institutions in promoting social cohesion, stating, "I commend the collaborative efforts of government institutions in fostering social cohesion and understanding among our diverse communities." He further reiterated the significance of governmental support, stating, "It is through such concerted efforts that we can truly build a society where every individual is valued and respected." The event also featured keynote speakers, Molana Anwar ul Haq Haqani, Dr. Annad Kumar Bhatia, and Rev. Simon Bahir, who shared their perspectives on the significance of fostering dialogue and understanding among different religious communities.