PCP Certification of Excellence for PPAF

January 12, 2022

PPAF has successfully achieved the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) Certification for Not-for-Profit Organisations (NPO) Good Practice for demonstrating excellence in its programme delivery and management. We have proudly achieved a high score of 91% against the seven compliance and policy requirement categories (consisting best standards for the not-for-profit sector which have also been notified by the Federal Board of Revenue) for the certification.

This seal of confidence by a highly credible third-party organisation is an accreditation of our high organisational standards and a recognition of our values of credibility; accountability, effectiveness; and efficiency in reaching out to the marginalised rural communities across Pakistan and providing them with opportunities to climb the poverty ladder and secure their future.

We are grateful to our resilient communities, diligent partner organisations, our generous donors and especially, the Government of Pakistan for their partnership and support and look forward to strengthening our programme delivery further for helping the poorest segment of society.