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PPAF aims to promote an effective approach to poverty alleviation, which is aligned closely with Pakistan’s commitment to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). While we strongly uphold an overall holistic and multi-sectoral strategy to generate broad and deep impacts at the community level, we are also cognizant of certain community needs that entail specifically tailored responses.

Institutions of the poor " - existing at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid- constitute the focal point of PPAF programmes; PPAF’s varied models of interventions revolve around empowering these institutions of the poor to make a considerable and sustainable dent in poverty.

On a practical front, actualization of poverty reduction efforts occurs by facilitating access to funds through two financing arms of PPAF – on-lending funding and grants. On-lending funding is available for the provisioning of microfinance and enterprise development through partner organizations based on a thorough analysis of their ability to manage funds and demands from the field. Grant assistance is provided, also through partners, for the purposes of supporting communities to achieve their identified developmental objectives and outcomes.

PPAF is dedicated to reducing poverty all over Pakistan. Under our current strategy we have identified six levels of priority districts for our grant-funded and micro-finance interventions, based on certain classifications that include districts which are below/above the average Human Development Index (HDI) score for Punjab, extremely food insecure districts, districts where social mobilization has/has not already been undertaken by PPAF and/or partners, and districts where microfinance is feasible and appropriate.

   Click here to download the PPAF District Priortization Map 2012
   Click here to download the PPAF Vulnerability to Natural Disasters map

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