Outcome Indicators

Indicator A
      At least 60% of the targeted poor and 50% of the ultra poor graduated to higher scores on the poverty scorecard
      Halve the proportion of persons living with high food insecurity and/or hunger
Indicator B
      At least 50% of those targeted are women.
      Percent of women CO members who mainly decide the use of the income they earn.
       Participation of women in household decision-making index
      Increased percentage of women own assets or resources in their name
Indicator C
      90% of girls and boys of primary school age within target villages complete a full course of primary schooling.
      At least 50% of students completed their primary cycle are girls
      Teacher/student ratio; teacher attendance rate; student attendance rate
Indicator D
      A 50% reduction in maternal mortality rates within the targeted populations.
      Number of functioning health facilities in PPAF covered Union Councils.
      The proportion of women attended at least once during pregnancy by trained personnel in PPAF target UCs.
      The proportion of births attended by trained health personnel in these UCs.
Indicator E
       Reduce by 50% the under-five mortality rate within target communities.
      Children under five that are moderately malnourished; severely malnourished.
      Achieve Immunization rate close to 100% in all PPAF UCs.
      Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) use rate.
Indicator F
      Improved governance, transparency, accountability and coverage of targeted communities by community and non-governmental     institutions
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