Methodologies & Tools

Depending on the nature, scope, and length of the project or programme, PPAF typically employs one or a combination of tools to gauge the result of its interventions. The evaluation studies may be, and have been, undertaken by PPAF itself, a third party, or any research institution interested in the impact of a particular project. PPAF’s newly developed Results Framework is formulated to track outcomes and impact in a two dimensional framework:

(i) Overall Objectives (and associated indicators) align PPAF operational activities, to the extent relevant, with Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and core focus on institutions of the poor

(ii) Intermediate Outcomes (and associated indicators) break out overall indicators in terms of operational components. Both dimensions represent long term objectives and vision of the institution.

Time bound project specific indicators are subsumed in the overall PPAF strategic objectives and framework. All the envisioned outcomes and impact are limited to PPAF interventions, components, communities, households, districts, UCs and locations.

Following are the tools used to measure impact.

Baseline Surveys

  Household Questionnaires

  Regional/provincial assessments

  User Surveys

  Third party impact evaluations

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