International Outreach

The over arching objective of the International Outreach strategy is to engage at different levels with civil society, government agencies, private sector, multilateral / bilateral organizations and the diasporas across the Europe, Middle East and the North America regions. PPAF is keen to be recognized as a first point of contact and a strategic partner for grassroots development initiatives in Pakistan.

PPAF is a key player in Pakistan’s development sector – an organization that has the largest footprint across the country but also has a vision and knowledge to improve lives and livelihoods across the length and breadth of Pakistan. It is the largest entity of its kind in the world. Moreover, PPAF works for the institution of the poor - is inclusive and non prescriptive in its approach towards project selection.

Given PPAF’s significant work profile and a track record of demonstrable achievements during the past decade, we are now well positioned to share knowledge and our way of doing business with other government agencies and donor bodies working for poverty alleviation – both in Pakistan and in their own specific regions.

PPAF welcomes forming strategic alliances with government agencies, multilateral / bilateral organizations engaged in multi-pronged poverty alleviation programs in the region and is also happy to work in partnership with international civil society organizations for grass roots development initiatives in Pakistan.

PPAF’s international team benefits from the diverse experience of our distinguished Board of Directors but also gains from the knowledge of a wide network of individuals and organizations based across the globe. We are always striving to do our best.

Therefore, we would welcome your views and advise. Please send us your comments/feedback or queries at:

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