Eligibility Criteria for Partners

The partner organizations are identified through rigorous and transparent eligibility criteria. They are expected to share the same values as the PPAF and must have the capacity to implement the project components in a professional and pro-active manner. The eligible partner organizations are also expected to have demonstrated track record, financial sustainability and participatory development within their functions. The selection of partner organizations is an on-going process, whereby new ones are added and others who have not performed may be excluded.

Policy for Establishing Eligibility Criteria

   The CEO, together with the Core Executives, is responsible for establishing and assessing the validity of eligibility criteria in relation to     the vision, mission, and objectives of the PPAF, and recommending changes therein to the Board of Directors whenever necessary.

  The Board of Directors, upon recommendation of the CEO, is responsible for authorizing changes in the eligibility criteria for partner     organizations.

  The CEO is responsible for obtaining agreement on the eligibility criteria and any changes therein from donors with whom such     understanding has been reached.

   For a detailed eligibility criteria for partner organizations, please click here

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